Understand Inner Peace Before You Regret

Thoughts About Inner Peace That Will Turn Your World Upside Down.

The term ‘inner peace’, also referred to as ‘peace of mind’ is to be able to be in a state that is quiet, stable, calm, stress-free and happy. Maintaining inner peace in a hectic fast-paced life may not be easy but we must all strive to achieved inner peace for a healthy state of being. Mentally and physically, most of us are always stressed. This not only harms our physical being but makes us mentally unstable. We lack concentration and become irritated. The inner peace which can be achieved through meditation and breathing exercises help you to calm your mind and increase concentration.

Finding inner peace is also more often than not associated with religion especially Buddhism and Hinduism. They lay a lot of importance on mental equilibrium and maintaining inner peace. According to Buddhism, a calm person is more close to God that someone who is mental stresses, frustrated or irritated. It may not be possible to achieve a calm state of being in a few days especially if you are used to a lifestyle that is fast, stressful and complex. However, achieving inner peace is a matter of change in your thoughts and feelings. Maintaining harmony within comes from the mind. You have to talk to your mind that it cannot stress itself. Whenever you feel angry or irritated, remember two words ‘inner peace’ and take a deep breath. It will automatically make you feel light.

Create harmony with things that are bothering you. For example, you may be bothered by the fact that your maid does not clean your house the way you want it. Talk to your maid, explain it to him/her about the cleaning aspect, and find out what the problem is. However, things like these and even bigger problems in life should not affect your inner peace. Many people keep fighting with things that are causing them stress and anxiety. What they perhaps do not realize is the fact that if you fight, it will fight you back.

Once you make a pact with your mind and heart to keep worries at bay and create equilibrium within, things get very easy; Most of the people feel that things they use to worry about were actually quite frivolous. It was just their nature to get hyper, worried and stressed. As soon as people start practising small changes in their life, meditation and change in thoughts and actions, they realize that they are one step closer to attaining inner peace.

Change is constant but changing yourself and your habits may not be that easy. It should be a step by step process. Start getting up early in the morning and practising meditation and breathing exercises. Try to avoid the rush for anything. Be punctual and avoid any sort of laziness. Make ample time for rest and leisurely activities. Spending quality time with oneself is very important. Spend one hour with yourself daily where you are free from a mobile phone, laptop or any sort of communication device. Develop faith, and persistence which are all functions of the mind. Imagine a peaceful life and keep expectations to a minimum. Stay happy, help others, let go and spread joy and you will automatically know what inner peace is!


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